From the Team / 27 March 2020

New loop packs to get creative with: Rave, roots, retro and more

For many of us, we’ve never had more time on our hands to make music. We’re already seeing more music, more users, and many more spending time creating on BandLab! And with a greater desire to create music, we at BandLab have more reasons to give you even more inspiration and tools for music making. 

Our sound team have dropped seven new web loop packs for you to start creating music. Here they are:

Turbo Trap

Upbeat trap with melodic lines.

Retro City Pop

Inspired by the sounds of 70s Japanese city pop music.

New Soul Drums

Soul and contemporary RnB beats.

Rave 2020 

Think early Calvin Harris party vibes.

Roots & Dub

Classic post reggae acoustic sounds and vocals.

Ambient Downtempo

Loops and beats for the experimental ambient lover.

Scratch & Cut Vinyl

Hip hop drums, vinyl scratches (our first ever!) and experimental one shots.

Head to the Mix Editor on your web browser, click on “Browse Loops”. You can click on the Play button on each loop pack to get a taste of the sounds and vibes each pack brings. Click on the loop pack to browse through all the loops inside, and when you’ve chosen your loop, simply double click or drag and drop it on your track. It’s that easy!

Watch this space for more features and creation tools we drop on BandLab. There’ll be more to come from us as we do everything we can to support creators during these trying times. 

Oh, and before we go, if you’re making the best out of your time at home by creating music, join the BandLab #stayhomestaycreative challenge

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