Tutorials / 30 November 2020

Beats from scratch: How to create a Drake type beat on BandLab

How to create a Drake style beat

Drake. One of the undisputed stars in this age of hip hop. A chart topping beast. A cultural icon. The Canadian rapper’s sound has transcended genres throughout the years, evolving into the classic laid-back vibe we all love so much. Drake’s signature slow, chilled, atmospheric, and melodic sound is something many artists draw inspiration from, and you can create a beat like that too.

We show you how you can produce your very own Drake-inspired beat from scratch on BandLab’s web Mix Editor. Watch our video tutorial below as we go step-by-step to explain chord ideas, the groove and the effects needed to polish the track.

You can Fork the full BandLab project below to start your very own Drake-inspired track or beat.

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