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Starting a song idea on your phone, finishing it on your desktop

song idea from phone to desktop

Ask any seasoned music creator their songwriting process and one of the common ones you can be sure to hear is – inspiration can strike at ANY moment. 

Back before the age of the smartphone you’d carry a notebook, or scribble down your idea on the palm of your hand. Today, we’ve got technology to help us with this. 

We designed BandLab from the ground up for this very situation. To allow creators to capture their inspiration at any time, wherever they are. Strike a brainwave for a beat idea? Open up the BandLab app and tap a beat out. 

But the road doesn’t end there. Because your songs are stored in the cloud, you can further develop your song idea on BandLab on your desktop computer or laptop. Here, you have access to our Mix Editor – a free web-based DAW with even more powerful music editing tools like automation, multi-track recording and more.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to go from a simple song idea on your phone, to a completed track on your desktop.

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