Cardi B’s remarkable rise to the top is nothing short of inspiring. From her rags to riches story to smashing record after record, the Bronx-based rapper is undoubtedly part of rap royalty. And it’s artists like her who become the next generation’s musical heroes and inspirations.

Raw and aggressive, empowering and uncompromising, there’s no subtly in Cardi B’s bars. The beat accompanying such unfiltered vocals needs to be simple and minimal enough to elevate her lyrics, at the same time interesting enough to take the song to the next level. Think about it – her monster hit “Bodak Yellow” doesn’t even have a hook. It’s just 808 kicks, trap-inspired quickfire hi-hats and simply synth fills.

In this video tutorial, we take on the challenge of creating a Cardi B beat taking inspiration from her minimal, yet aggressive style, right here on BandLab’s web Mix Editor.

Inspired? Fork the Cardi B-inspired beat below to start your own project.

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