If you instantly recognize his signature, fluffy snack helmet, you’ll probably recognize his signature beat too!

No, we’re not talking about campfire s’mores here. Superstar DJ and EDM producer Marshmello’s sound is full on trap bliss and euphoric, infectious beats. The sort of mega hits that packs out venues, and even took his audience into the virtual arena in “Fortnite”.

There are good reasons for Marshmello’s meteoric rise, from collaborating with music’s biggest and brightest to his Grammy nomination. And there are plenty of reasons why you, as a creator, might want to take inspiration from his signature sound.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you our take on the immensely popular Marshmello beat, created from scratch on BandLab’s web Mix Editor. And it’s completely free. So, start making music right here, right now.

That’s how we create a Marshmello style beat! Fork the full BandLab project below to start your very own Marshmello-inspired track.

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Start making music

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