BandLab Subscriptions is a new way to support your favorite creators financially. While the feature is still in early access, we are stoked to have a stellar lineup of creators from 2019 Tracklanta winner T.W.I.N., to BandLab contest veteran Brittney Spencer, to Grammy-winning producer Justus West offering exclusive content such as videos, photos, beats, pre-released tracks, and much more.

Creators set their own price for subscribers and they get to keep 100% of the revenue. Moreover, subscribing is easy – simply head to a creator’s profile and click the Subscribe button.

Check out some of these talented creators on BandLab offering Subscriptions to their fans.

Meet our creators

Justus West

The 21-year-old-Grammy-winning producer needs no introduction. Justus is a multi-instrumentalist that has made waves with a cadre of industry-class heavies that include John Mayer, Mac Miller, Ariana Grande, and many more. Justus will be offering exclusive beats, guitar riffs, song stems in the months to come. Check out his profile and subscribe to his content.

Brittney Spencer

Brittney takes her cues from Taylor Swift and has found that music has given her a voice for expression. Subscriptions are a great chance for you to get a glimpse into her life, where she’ll be posting vlogs on what she does on the daily. You will also get to watch tutorials on how she makes her music and records covers that have won a few of our BandLab Contests.


Do life with Cass as she brings you on her musical journey of songwriting, recording, and more, through vlogs and pictures. She will also include different versions of released songs and bonus songs just for her subscribers. You’ll also get a closer look at who she really is as she shares her own experiences as a nurse and mom of two.


Dalton, aka D A L T E N I O U S first started making music right after Hurricane Katrina devastated his hometown. He’s worked hard and found a community on BandLab that has supported him and eventually allowed him to become an independent artist. Subscribe to him and get invited to Aquares, his band on BandLab, where you’ll get to collaborate and chat with fellow subscribers and Dalton himself. Looking for someone to design your artwork? He will also be offering vocal mixing and digital artwork design services. 

Sarah Cleary

Sarah’s a classically trained musician who has dabbled in various genres like opera, rock, jazz and pop. She started working on her music when she was just 10 and the now 21-year-old singer has more to give. Sarah’s going to be posting forkable originals twice a month, which will include copyright privileges! She’s also got a lineup of behind the scenes on her songwriting and recording process, and vocal training content coming up once a week. Participate in her monthly contests where she’ll promote the winner’s song for you guys to gain more exposure as artists! 


T.W.I.N. is a hip-hop and R&B artist and producer who begun with poetry and eventually started putting those words into hip-hop beats. She was also our Tracklanta 2019 Winner, who was mentored by producer Tasha Catour. She’ll be releasing early song and beat snippets, behind-the-scenes of recording sessions and exclusive songs just for her subscribers. 

Wicked Beats

Always in need of a beat? Tyler aka Wicked Beats is your guy. He’s going to be posting up to 10 beats a month for his subscribers, where he’s also offering one free mix and master a month. What a deal! As a subscriber, you will also get to collaborate and connect with him personally. 

Interested in offering BandLab Subscriptions to your fans and followers? Sign up for early access here.

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