Tutorials / 22 December 2020

Hear the difference: Denoise – before and after

Hear the difference: Denoise

We’re really excited about a feature that we just released on BandLab – Denoise.

Denoise is our solution to the recording in less than ideal situations. It is a simple, yet powerful tool on the Mix Editor that helps you reduce the noise that you don’t want to hear.

The best way to see how it works is to listen to the difference it makes to a recording. In this quick and simple video tutorial, we’ll show you how to add Denoise to a recording and let you hear how our adaptive algorithm removes the noise from the track.

Now you’ve got a handle on how Denoise works, try it out for yourself! Available on both BandLab mobile apps and on your web browser, you can record in confidence whether at home or on the move.

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