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Sealing the deal: How to get signed by a record label

how to get signed by a record label – a guide

If you’re an aspiring musician with rockstar dreams on the brain, securing a record deal could be your ticket to success. This is because you’ll be able to get the backing and support of industry professionals who are dedicated to help you succeed. This includes access to a wide range of resources such as recording studios, experienced producers, and marketing teams. If that’s not enough, the label’s reputation and connections can also enhance your credibility as an artist – helping you break into new markets and reach wider audiences.

Stick with us as we walk you through essential steps on how to get signed by a record label. Plus, insider tips on utilizing BandLab Opportunities to fast track your way to stardom!

How to get signed by a record label

1. Craft your unique sound and identity

There’s an abundance of record labels out there, ranging from mainstream to specialized, catering to a variety of genres like rock, pop, or indie. Depending on your musical taste, you may have specific labels in mind.

But before you go knocking on doors for your record deal opportunity, it’s essential to develop a sound that distinguishes you from the rest. Remember: A&R reps are often on the lookout for artists who bring something fresh and unique to the table.

Step one of how to get signed by a record label: Craft a unique sound and identity.

Take a cue from singer Billie Eilish, who continuously captivates the world with her haunting vocals and thought-provoking lyrics – setting herself apart from other young artists her age. Think about what makes your music special, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different genres.

2. Build an engaging online presence

In today’s digital age, your online presence is a virtual stage (and a secret weapon to catching the eye of record labels). After all, an emerging artist with a dedicated following becomes an irresistible lure for labels seeking promising talent for their roster.

Step two of how to get signed by a record label: Build an engaging online presence.

Tap on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and even your BandLab feed to showcase your music and personality. This might involve posting stunning visuals of your album art, sharing your creative process, and engaging with fans and followers who appreciate your work.

Of course, you’ve got to back up appearances with substance as well. Don’t forget to frequently drop high-quality music in the form of teasers, singles, or even music videos to keep the crowds entertained. Check out our tips to growing your fanbase on BandLab for inspiration.

3. Tap on the power of connections

Producing outstanding music is crucial to success. But don’t be too quick to sacrifice your social life by spending hours confined to your DAW. Building a strong network within the music industry is important for opening doors to valuable opportunities – whether that’s getting a sync placement, scoring a live gig, or landing a feature in a music publication.

So make sure you get out of the house, put on your best outfit, and rock up to relevant industry events. Attending music showcases and conferences can get you exposed to industry professionals and record label reps who have the potential to further your career. You might even connect with fellow musicians, producers, and songwriters who are keen on collaborating.

4. Develop a compelling artist press kit

If you’re planning on becoming a successful musician, having your own artist press kit is a must. It’s akin to a professional resume that showcases your talent, and leaves a lasting impression on record label executives.

You’ll want to make sure this is well-organized and highlights your talent, accomplishments, and potential. Start off with a captivating artist bio that evokes the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Don’t forget to throw in samples of your music, and any notable achievements or press coverage you’ve received.

We also recommend adding high-quality press photos that capture your energy and stage presence. Seen the iconic images of Freddie Mercury leading Queen’s electrifying performances? That’s the power of great visuals.

5. Hit submit on Opportunities

In search of ways to speed up your journey to success? We got you. Browse Opportunities – a platform by BandLab that connects you with industry professionals and representatives who are actively searching for talented artists like yourself.

Step five of how to get signed by a record label: Hit submit on Opportunities

All you need is a BandLab Membership to gain access to exclusive projects that could fuel your music career. You’ll have the chance to submit your music directly to relevant labels and organizations, significantly increasing your chances of securing feature stories, live gigs, record deals, and more.

In this fiercely competitive music industry, dedication, perseverance, and having the right resources are essential. So if you’re wondering how to get signed by a record label, follow these tips closely, and you’ll be one step closer to realizing your dreams.

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