We show you how you can make a pop ballad beat right here on BandLab’s free web Mix Editor.

We all love a good story-telling session. Music has long been a medium for story-telling, and one of the easiest ways to get your story out to the masses is to belt out a tune that everyone can sing along to.

Enter the pop ballad. These songs about love, heartbreak, angst and emotional turmoil captivated their audience, and they truly saw their peak in the 80s. With early beginnings in the 60s, songs like “Unchained Melody” by the Everly Brothers rocked the charts. At their peak, artists and bands were choking the airwaves with melancholic tunes that we still remember well today. And these songs have gone on to become associated with the good times and nostalgia. But today, the pop ballad is still just as strong as ever. Artists like Adele, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and many more are still pouring out their emotion over piano, guitar and synth dominated beats.

The perfect foil for brooding vocals, a pop ballad beat has all the elements to tell a memorable story. Often characterized by a slow tempo, starting out with soft and mellow verse and climaxing at a powerful and emotional chorus.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a pop ballad beat right here on BandLab. Our web-based DAW, the Mix Editor, is completely free and has all the tools you need to start making great music. All you need is your browser!

You can fork the pop ballad beat we created in the video tutorial below. Use the track to start your very own pop ballad hit!

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