Tutorials / 28 December 2020

Beats from scratch: How to produce a beat like Juice WRLD on BandLab

Juice WRLD tutorial video

Juice WRLD was undeniably one of the most promising rappers the hip hop world had seen in the last decade. Before his untimely passing, he was on his way to being an influential figure, having already released a number one album before he turned 21. The late rapper was only just getting started.

His lyrics and bars were real, relatable and soul-baring. His sung/rap vocals blended influences from drill, emo and pop punk. Juice WRLD’s music was authentic as it got and his verses flowed freely like your in-shower thoughts.

But today, it’s his catchy beats and approachable hooks that we’ll be focusing on. In this video tutorial, we show you produce a beat in the style of Juice WRLD, right here on BandLab’s web Mix Editor.

You can fork the beat we created in the video to make your own Juice WRLD-inspired track.

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