Dropping an epic track may bring in a surge of likes and comments. But the true measure of success as a musician lies in your ability to forge genuine connections with fans. Having a loyal fan base is an integral part of building a thriving music career – after all, you can’t claim you’ve made it as an artist if no one shows up for your gigs, right?

If you need a hand developing meaningful fan relationships as part of your music marketing strategy, check out Fan Reach. This new tool on BandLab allows you to directly share tracks, albums, and exciting updates with your subscribers, taking your fan engagement to new heights – fast!

With a free BandLab account, you can send one email campaign per month. Want more? Upgrade to Membership to enjoy unlimited email campaigns.

What is Fan Reach

Fan Reach is all about fostering direct-to-fan email connections to rapidly expand your fanbase. Imagine you’ve just released a new single and want to ensure your most devoted fans get an exclusive first listen.

Kick things off by using Fan Collector to construct your mailing list. Just share the unique link you get on your Fan Reach dashboard with fans. Then, with the New Track or New Album feature, you can send your latest songs straight to the email inboxes of your subscribers, ensuring they don’t miss a beat.

You can also stay ahead of the game with the Update Your Fans feature, where you can hype up upcoming releases or even tour dates. Planning an epic tour? Use Fan Reach to build anticipation and give your fans a heads up about when you’ll be rocking their city next.

Use Fan Reach to share new albums and tracks, or update your fans on tour dates and gigs.

Read this introduction to Fan Reach for more deets!

How to use Fan Reach effectively

1. Give them a glimpse of the real you

Of course, understanding your audience and tailoring your email campaigns to resonate with them is important. If you’re a hip hop artist, start by sharing genre-specific content that you know your fans will love seeing.

But more importantly, let your authenticity shine. Keep it casual, conversational and showcase your personality. Jump on this opportunity to tap into your inner comedian or storyteller, and share lighthearted anecdotes and amusing behind-the-scenes stories.

The best part? There’s no need to stress about getting it perfect on the first try! Fan Reach lets you save up to 10 drafts, allowing you to revise and refine your messages at your own pace.

Save drafts on Fan Reach and edit messages at your own pace.

2. Engage and connect regularly

Figuring out how to use Fan Reach to generate buzz around your music? Use email campaigns to let your fans know what you’re up to, whether it’s behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, merch drops, or upcoming tour plans. Got a new single dropping soon? Create a series of teaser emails leading up to the big release.

But be mindful of finding that sweet spot – you want to keep your fans engaged without bombarding their inboxes and risking unsubscribes. Consider creating a content calendar to plan your email schedule, ensuring you have a consistent but not overwhelming flow of updates.

3. Create that feeling of exclusivity

FOMO can work in your favor with Fan Reach – nurture your community of fans by treating them to content that only they have access to. For instance, you can consider sharing exclusive vlogs or behind-the-scenes footage of your experiences while on tour.

Create FOMO by giving subscribers exclusive information on Fan Reach.

This gives your subscribers a front-row seat to your life as an artist, allowing them to see the moments that go beyond stage performances and music drops. Sharing personal stories can make your fans feel more connected to you as a person, not just an artist.

4. Use data to refine your email campaigns

Once you’ve sent out an email campaign, don’t forget to track its success. Fan Reach displays the open rates and clicks of your campaigns, and you can use this to guide you in refining your strategy.

For instance, if you notice that a certain type of content receives a significantly higher click rate, create more of that content to keep your fans engaged! You can also experiment with different send times to discover when your fans are most receptive. For example, if your audience spans across different time zones, schedule your email campaigns to reach them at the optimal time, increasing the likelihood of higher open rates.

Use data to refine your email campaigns on Fan Reach.

Now that you know how to use Fan Reach effectively, harness the full potential of this handy tool to create buzz for your music and build the dedicated fanbase of your dreams.