Woah, what a month filled with special launches like Opportunities and our #BL50M Giveaway (it’s still going on, btw)! We always strive to make the BandLab experience sweeter for you. For now, here are the winners for #ItsGonnaBeMay and #BassBae!

#ItsGonnaBeMay Winners

It’s gotta be Marc and Nad! They killed it with their chill original vibe. Here’s what our judges had to say:

A stellar track that oozes R&B goodness from Asia. @nadthing and @certifiedfilo stole our hearts with their collaboration! Are you ready to fall in love too?

2nd: The Roni & Scottie
3rd: Ryan smiles are free Hardy
4th: TaeGoCraxy

#BassBae Winners

Niyo‘s making us put our bass faces on! Here’s what our judges had to say:

Stellar tone, tight rhythms, expressive nuances, great energy – what more could we ask for? Keep bringing the funk, the whole funk, and all the musical goodness you have to give!

2nd: Purple Dragster
3rd: Katja & UnicorMaid Frankenstein
4th: Pyrichor in HAPPINESS FOREVER

Congratulations once again to all our BandLab May 2022 contest winners! More exciting things are coming to the Lab, so keep your eyes peeled.

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