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Meet your mentors: Deante’ Hitchcock

Meet your mentors - Deante' Hitchcock

You know what they say about experience. That’s why you learn from the best. And the best have all been there before you.

Deante’ Hitchcock is the perfect example of someone you can never stop learning from. He’s built his career from the ground up, from car-seat mixtapes to a Grammy nomination, with beginnings that many will relate to.

His vast knowledge and experience awaits one of our winners for Tracklanta 2020. Below, Deante explains what an artist needs to do to take their career to the next level, and how plans to help our contest winner.

Name: Deante’ Hitchcock
Job Title: Artist
Years in the industry:

Career credits and highlights: 

I’m a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling artist. I’ve toured around the country about five times with artists like 6lack, Wale, Jid, Jidenna, and Rapsody. I released my label debut album this year under RCA Records/Bystorm.

How did you get your first break into the Industry?

I got my break into the industry after RCA took interest in the freestyles I would do in the front seat of my car. Mark Pitts caught wind of the videos and flew me up to New York for a meeting.

In your experience, what are some of the traits an artist has to have to take their career to the next level?

The first is discipline, for sure. I know the saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” seems real cliche but it’s definitely true. Once you get to where you wanna be you have to continue doing the things that got you there if you want to stay there, or go beyond.

Next, building good relationships and maintaining them. Nobody likes working with people that are difficult, even if they’re the most talented person in the world. Treat people how you would want to be treated.

Lastly, don’t burn yourself out. This ones pretty straightforward – take care of your external environment and your internal one.

What are you hoping for from the BandLab contest submissions? How do you intend to help the next generation of talented artists?

I’m hoping to hear the future in these submissions. The next new sound that’s going to take it further than music has already gone. As I continue on in my career I’m hoping to help some other people up along the way when I have the network and the resources to do so.

I’m hoping to hear the future in these submissions. The next new sound that’s going to take it further than music has already gone.

What’s a word of advice you have for the Tracklanta hopefuls looking to get their big break in their music careers?

My only advice would be – do the work. The rest will take care of itself. I promise.

The #TracklantaOG round, which Deante’ Hitchcock is a mentor for, has already ended. But there are still two more contests you can join! Enter Tracklanta 2020: Virtual Remix ft. Charron here.

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