With the official launch of BandLab Albums, we’re more excited than ever to showcase some of the best releases from the BandLab community this week.

Every song has a story, and an album represents the tangible cumulation of an artist’s creativity. We speak to the artists behind some of Albums and EPs that showcase the incredible artistry of the BandLab community, and find out a bit of their stories.


My 18 track album titled I N T E N T is an adventure that takes you on a journey through different genres of music that all lead to the same destination. Each original song is separated by a short but meaningful track that guides you into the next chapter of the story. The market today is over saturated with single releases so I thought that I would create incentive for others to listen to the entire album in full by making it less of an album and more of a Story. It features dance pop, ambient hard-hitting hip hop beats that are fused with pop, and solemn songs that are meant to invoke emotion in the listener.

My creative process requires inspiration every time. First and foremost I have to want to make music. It is a constant state of trial and error and also I have to take into account the music market as it stands today. That is why I have tried my hand at innovating what people perceive as pop music.

I fuse modern day ambient trap beats, pop and rock styled vocals, and early 2000’s and modern day Hip-hop rhythmic rhyme schemes to create what I personally want out of pop music. I find it to be an excellent melding of all of my favorite types of music and they seem to work fantastically in unison. A lot of people try genre bending these days and I think that it is a great innovation of music.

Levi RobinWhere Night Meets Day

Much of the album is influenced by my fascination and dedication to the Kabbalistic and Chassidic teachings of Torah, though it may not be conveyed in a way the listener expects or recognizes.

For one, most everything is written in parable. Also one might expect spirituality to come with some sort of detached enlightenment, heavenly contentment and unbounded idealism, and that would be true if the soul was in a heavenly world right now, but in truth we are souls embodied in a material world, facing challenges and concealments, tests and tribulations. Our lives are of extreme paradox with dynamic highs and lows. And so, Where Night Meets Day is my invitation to you; to enter a purposeful and intentional embrace of life’s dichotomies, night and day, life and death, pain and pleasure, detachment and embrace, transience and eternity.

Brittney SpencerSincerely Yours,

Sincerely Yours, was a Valentine’s Day special I released that explores some of my adventures finding what it means to really be in love. Even if it means ending a relationship where you wish the best for your partner for the future. My music touches on being thankful for the hard lessons learned finding what truly makes us happy, learning to love who you are and all of your flaws, and the importance of trusting your gut to allow yourself to fall. Love doesn’t have an age and trusting that process and allowing yourself to be vulnerable can teach us a lot about life.

My creative process for this EP was inspired by Valentine’s Day and by someone who is very special to me. I wanted to write about topics that aren’t often talked about in hopes that it can help those who feel the same way as I have. I wanted to create a unique journey through each track, only for it to end with the title track to show that this body of work is really just a big love letter to myself and to those I’ve loved and lost.

mistachestaI’ll Follow

I’ll Follow is a small collection of songs that came to be over a relatively long period of time and influenced by significant life events; everyone has their own motivation for writing what they write, and similarly we interpret songs in ways that carry meaning for our own individual circumstances – so I’d like to think the lyrical content of these tracks can be interpreted in a number of ways, rather than having to be explained.

Having grown up at a time where Grunge was in its prime, I draw influence from the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, AIC and RHCP and tend to gravitate towards dirty, repetitive riffs with simple melodies – nothing fancy. My writing process can only be described as hours of random jamming as opposed to a structured or preconceived approach. I’d say I feel rather than think my way through music. I’m an avid writer though I certainly don’t regard myself as a vocalist, and it’s rare for me to take that role. However, for the tracks featured on this EP, it was important to me to at least try in order to get the emotion and sentiment across.

I’d like to give G Bailey a salute for his input on “Lost On Me“. I’d been following his feed for some time and recognized him as a really talented lead guitarist, so tentatively asked if he’d be interested in laying some down on this track. I’ve collaborated with so many awesome musicians and I want to say I’m truly grateful to Delsea Drive, ahnetti, cocobark, Aaron Rudolph, Down Cloud, Jake Chandler (aka jake bronson/ into_oblivion), Eipi and so many more.

brian yoshida ブライアンIDOLKULTURE

IDOLKULTURE is about basically about what’s going on in my brain and my life being heavily between Japanese culture and American culture. Also inspired by the “idol culture” of Japan. wanted to experiment and create sounds that balances between the two and make them stories. The creative process was fun with help of fellow BandLab artists and close friends from all over the world, featuring vocals from artists Sara Keilane, Marianne Langrand, Kav & More

Summer Treneal – 3 YEARS THREADED

This album was made over three years. At the beginning I was just using the phone recording aspect of BandLab. And now I have a whole music studio setup at home. Each song has snapshotted the lessons and production skill I had at the time. I write everything with God in mind.

In a nutshell, for me composing music is like living life. I have faith and excitement that I’m about to make something amazing- but genuinely, I have no idea how it will come about. You’d be surprised to know how many of my songs started as accidental strums on the guitar.

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