There really isn’t anything like the fresh start to the new year. It’s a great time to plan out exactly what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. 2018 is an exciting year to be musically creative, and at BandLab we’re excited to help you in achieving your goals. Here are a few tips on what we like to do to get organised for the year ahead.

Write Down Your Goals

It sounds fairly simple, but writing down all of your goals and splitting them into short, medium, and long-term, will really help you to understand where you are at, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be. Learning a new challenging chord sequence could be something you could set as short-term, whereas performing in front of friends and family or at an open mic night could be a medium term. Don’t be afraid to write down “the dream” too! Becoming a professional artist, or performing at your home stadium might sound farfetched, but it’s a dream we should all try to visualise regularly – your motivation and discipline will improve if you are constantly reminding yourself of what it is you want to achieve.

Track your progress

Learning a new skill, a new chord sequence or writing new songs takes time. Noting down your progress will be more beneficial than you’d imagine. Start with to-do lists, and update your successes for the day. Looking back through your achievements in the weeks and months ahead will really help you to understand how quickly you are progressing. You could even track your progress on a shared space like BandLab’s Communities. Set realistic targets, keep chipping away and don’t forget to tell people about it.

Plan your marketing

Start with a calendar and think about how you’d like to update your followers of your activity. Think about when they are most likely to listen to your music, like a Tuesday just before lunch, or when they are most likely to accept your weekend event invites – maybe a Thursday or a Friday. Sticking to a schedule will mean that you can plan your posts and people will start to look forward to them.

Chase inspiration

Follow your heroes online and add them to your social networks. Listen to their latest releases of course, but also look out for ways they present themselves and share information. Be inspired by how they communicate to the masses and learn from them. They are your heroes for a reason, and not necessarily just because of their music.

Take a breather

After it was fully recorded and mixed, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones famously nearly scrapped the Thriller album before its release in 1982. Stating that “the mixes sucked”, Jackson broke down, cried and stormed out of the studio when he listened to the album back for the first time. Sitting in front of a screen for hours and hours is common for music producers, but so is taking regular breaks to give your ears a chance to rest. You’d be surprised how fatigue can affect your musical ear and judgement. Short rests will actually help you to get to your endpoint quicker.

Get collaborative

Missing the final piece of the puzzle to your next hit? Get connecting! Surrounding yourself with like-minded creatives and expanding your network will not only fill in the gaps you might be missing today but will surround you with inspirational peers who will push you further than you might have expected. Collaborate online in any of BandLab’s community pages today.

Share the love

Good vibes are contagious, aren’t they? Make it a mission this year not only to share the music you create but also the music your peers create too. You’d be surprised at how quickly spreading other people’s work will come back to reward you in the long run.

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