Every Opportunity you apply for is a chance to connect and be discovered by key executives in the music business. To really make the most of your application, you have to look beyond your submission to how you present yourself as an artist. 

We know it can be daunting, so our team compiled some quick tips to help you spiff up your profile. Go on, try them out to boost your chances of snagging that dream gig! 

1. Showcase your unique personality

Second impressions last. After listening to your submitted track, industry professionals may visit your BandLab profile to learn more about you. Maintaining a slick profile page is crucial to project your unique persona and stand out from the sea of talent! Follow these top tips to ensure your personality shines through: 

Have a strong profile image

There’s so much room for creativity here. After all, this is your visual identity – so make sure it reflects your personality. Color them inspired, evoke an emotion that your music portrays, or get abstract. In any case, see this as a window to tell the world about your personal brand!

Tell your story 

Why do you make the music you do? If your values and music strike a chord with a brand, they’re more likely to want you on their team.

2. Define your genre

On that note, what does your music sound like? Are you skilled at an unorthodox instrument? Don’t let your artistry go unnoticed – click on “Edit Profile”, then scroll to the bottom to display your favorite genres and skills!

If you consider yourself a mainstream artist, you can go for a broader genre. Though, at times, zoning in on sub-genres could stop them in their tracks. Some labels pride themselves on representing a very specific sound or vibe, and you could be it.

Defining your genre also cues potential partners on what to expect from your music. For instance, it might prompt an A&R team to explore how you’d fit their brand or diversify their lineup.

3. Highlight your best work 

Got a signature song that you’re proud of? Showcase your best work by pinning it at the top of your profile to increase the chances of it being heard. 

Also, don’t be limited to just your past work. What key executives are interested in is your music. Even YouTube clips of your performance – a small gig or a home performance – are effective ways to showcase what you’re made of!

4. Be real with social media

Let industry decision-makers find (and connect!) with you easily by adding links to your social media accounts. This could open so many doors – don’t underestimate the opportunities that a DM can lead to.

Killing the social media game but don’t wish to clutter up your profile? Optimize your social presence with bnd.link for one link to rule them all. This will make it easy to browse your latest content even if it’s not at the top of your feed, and drive traffic to your social media accounts. 

5. Give them something to feed off

If music is the only thing you’re featuring on your feed, think again. What about wielding it as a tool to display your latest achievements? Showcase your deserving contest entry, flex the awards you’ve received, and more!

Plus, posting regularly with relevant hashtags is a great way to cement your presence and get discovered by the community. Music executives can get the lowdown on your biggest achievements, while scoring a glimpse into the authentic connections that you’ve forged with your fan base. Win-win!

And there you have it. These are some simple steps you can take to stand out from the sea of talent on BandLab and get noticed. The most crucial step is to put yourself out there and apply for all the Opportunities that call out to you – the best time to start is always now! 

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