UK drill isn’t just another hyped-up subgenre. It’s a sound that’s hard to nail down, and therein lies its appeal among the producers who champion the genre. It is a chameleon – it’s a sound that evolves constantly, with a beat that draws influence from unlikely sources – grime, Afrobeats, pop – you name it. You just need to look artist like the late, great Pop Smoke, who took the UK drill sound and ‘Americanized’ it to create a new Brooklyn drill sound.

From its origins in Chicago, UK drill gained a reputation for its hard-edged sound with heavy grime bass and snappy trap beats. It’s the nature of the genre that has spawned so many variants – and we think it’s just the beginning.

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a UK drill beat, step by step, using BandLab’s free online web Mix Editor.

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Think you can create the next big thing from a UK drill beat? Get started right away by forking the UK drill beat we created in the video and using it as the starting point of your track. Tap on the track below and tap the fork button and take it away!

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