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Make music instantly: A simple guide – Part 5: Tempo and key signature

Welcome back, everyone! If you managed to catch this week’s blog, we took you through some basic music theory which gives you a quick beginner’s crash course in key and tempo. If you’re just starting your music making journey or new to production, we’d recommend reading the blog first here…

Advanced Production Techniques: Manipulating Key and Tempo

If you’re up to scratch already, then check out the video below, where Tommy takes us through how to change the tempo and key of all sounds in the Looper with just a few taps…

Now you know how to change the key and tempo in the Looper, go ahead and experiment! Try to take note of how each key makes you feel. We often associate the key of C Major with certainty and purity whereas G minor is associated with uneasiness or discontentment. Think about how you want to make your listener feel and select your key accordingly from the outset. With the tempo, think about when and where you want it to be listened to? Generally, slower tempo’s fit chilled settings and faster tempos are for party environments. Most importantly, play around and have fun with it!

Remember, you can find all of our how to’s against the hashtag #BeBetterWithBandLabNext week is the final week of Looper How-To’s where we are going to show you how to combine different Looper tracks taking various sounds from different loop packs – this is where key and tempo start to become really important.

Until then, enjoy looping people!

Check out the entire series on how to use the Looper. To try out the Looper, download BandLab here.


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