A guide to Drum Machine, BandLab's online sequencer
Guides 3 min read

Drum Machine: Elevate your beats with BandLab’s online sequencer

Every skilled music creator or producer understands the role of a well-crafted drum beat in…

A guide on how to use drum machine.
Guides 4 min read

How to use Drum Machine to build drum patterns quickly in Studio

We’ve got great news: building drum patterns for your song has never been more seamless.…

What is reverb and how to use it guide
From the Team 17 min read

What is reverb and how it shapes your sound in music production

Having a solid grasp of music terminology is a must if you want to be…

BandLab Mastering, improved: Enhance the sound quality in your videos quickly

If you’re a creator on BandLab, you’re probably no stranger to BandLab Mastering. Our well-loved online mastering service was designed with world-renowned artists and Grammy-winning sound engineers to help polish…

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Get enhanced audio-quality for your videos with BandLab Mastering's new video export feature.
cover art album
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How to get good artist photos and cover art

A picture tells a thousand words. Or it just looks good. Either way, the tradition…

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7 essentials for your home recording studio

You might be a seasoned studio pro, a passionate home recording enthusiast, or someone who's…

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6 ways to get your music on Spotify’s public playlists

Spotify isn’t just a streaming service – it can be wielded as a marketing tool,…

Get your music heard
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5 tips to help you grow your audience

There's no shortage of artists, producers, singer-songwriters, DJs and bands who want to get their…

Build A Brand As A Music Artist On BandLab
Guides 7 min read

How to brand yourself as a music artist

So you’ve put the finishing touches on your tracks, and now you want people beyond…

Guides 2 min read

New things you can do on BandLab

TL;DR: Global Player and Collections are now on all platforms. The iOS and Android Mix…